The Deliciosó Way

Deliciosó Ice Cream

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled Ice Cream tastes good, however it is our belief that it should not just be good – but Deliciosó.

Scooped Ice Cream

Scooped Ice Cream is one of America’s favorite sweet treats to beat the heat. Here at Deliciosó, we make sure every scoop is fresh, full, and most importantly delicious.

Ice Cream Tacos

Deliciosó takes Ice Cream to the next level by offering Ice Cream Tacos. This is treat is great for those that love Ice Cream but with a modern and non-traditional twist. Now that’s doing Ice Cream @TheDeliciosóWay.

Fringer Foods

Delicious Dogs

Our Delicious Dogs (Beef) come in may varieties. We offer Plain Dogs, Chili or Cheese Dogs, Corn Dogs,n and Loaded Dogs (Chili, Cheese, jalapeños, & bacon bits).

Delicious Nachos

We Offer delicious nachos with either chili or cheese, as well as loaded that consists of chill & cheese along with jalapeños peppers, chives, sour cream, and bacon bits. As an added bonus, for the Frito lovers out there, we offer Frito Pies which are similar to nachos except with the chip brand Frito that we all know and love.

Delicious Fries

After eating our delicious fries, one would be able to attest to the fact that they truly do live up to their name. We offer fries that are Plain Jane, Chili or Cheese, and Loaded (jalapeños peppers, chives, sour cream, and/or bacon bits).


Yes, that’s right, Deliciosó also serves popcorn. You read right, along with Delicious Ice Cream and Finger Foods, we also serve a wide array of snack such as popcorn. Our Popcorn, which is prepared fresh each day, comes in both regular and caramel – both of which will leave you wanting another bag.



Deliciosò offers Monster Energy Drinks, Rich Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Warm Tea, Milk Shakes, and Coke Floats. In addition to these specialty beverages, we also offer Coca-cola Products such as Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Powerade, Mellow Yellow, Dasani Water, Barq’s Rootbeer, and Minute Maid.

(501)747.2162 (Outlets of Little Rock)

(501)648.6729 (Park Plaza Mall)

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